(Zero's Aren't Permitted)

One of the most common reasons for students at the middle school level not fulfilling their academic potential is Late or Missing Homework. O.W. Best Middle School cares about the academic well being of students and uses the ZAP Program to help reduce the problem of late or missing work.
The philosophy behind this program is that if we feel a homework assignment was important enough to assign, then students must be held accountable for the learning by completing the assignment. If any student fails to complete and submit his or her homework on time, that student will be “ZAPPED” and will be required to complete their missing math work after school.

Students may get assistance from the assigned ZAP teacher and will turn in the completed assignment to that teacher. Assignments will be labeled “ZAP” and will receive 90% of the earned credit. If students do not complete their missing assignment(s) during ZAP, they will be required complete the remainder of their work at home and must submit these remaining assignments to the classroom teacher who placed them in ZAP, no later than 8 a.m. the following day for credit.

Parents are the most important component of a student’s success in school. We ask that parents support our efforts to help students to achieve academically. We believe that by helping to eliminate missing assignments, students have a greater chance of realizing their potential.